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Quote: “I see you put apple cider vinegar mustard in the allowed foods list. Was this supposed to mean apple cider vinegar and mustard are allowed or is there such a thing as ACV mustard?”

Reply: Yes, there is such a thing as ACV mustard.
Regular distilled white vinegar should not be consumed on the diet.

Quote: “Does the coconut flour have a ton of carbs or is it comparable to regular flour? I’m also a type II diabetic and have to watch the carbs. So far on this diet that hasn’t been a problem. I haven’t taken any of my medication while on the diet and my blood sugars have been perfect.”

Reply: That sounds fantastic. Being a diabetic you probably know that there are basically two types of carbohydrates; digestible and non-digestible. There are only three grams of digestible carbohydrates in one cup of coconut, the remainder being non-digestible. Both coconut and coconut flour are natural low-carb, high-fiber foods suitable for low-carbohydrate diets such as a diabetic diet.