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JohnnyPonny wrote: Hey Able900
Wy don’t you recommend beans in stage 2 and buckwheat is ok? Buckwheat has has higher glymetisk index as fare as I can see in my research.
Noticed that some beans have a higher gl index than others.
Btw thanks for all the time you put into researching and answering. Many interesting threads and subjects on the forum.

Look at the phase 2 list again; let me know if you can’t see “dried beans” listed, maybe I’m seeing things.

Phase 2 of the Diet
Foods that can be introduced once the Candida symptoms have basically vanished, usually two to four months into phase 1.
Red peppers
Millet (if there was a problem with this during stage 1)
Granny Smith apples (can possibly be a test food item 4 weeks into stage 1)
Dried beans
Cashews & almonds (preferably soaked in water for several hours to remove any possible mold)
Occasionally organic beef, but still no pork.
Pure coconut milk