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Thanks, Able. I am worried about losing wait so I stopped the cleanse and am trying to eat a lot of eggs and hemp protein. Found a great protein bar recipe in the recipes section of the forum (baked, so the mold is killed) that’s keeping me full.

I have been doing a lot of vegetable fermenting today, and someone gave me a huge bag of peaches I can’t eat! Theoretically, though, if I fermented them, the bacteria would eat the sugar and carbs of the fruit and you would be left with just the unsweet flavor from it. I even found a website about eating fermented peaches on the Candida Diet: I am still a little wary, though, especially because fruits are more likely to turn more alcoholic than fermenting vegetables. What do you all think?

I am also wondering exactly what kinds of reactions I need to look for after eating. I know the burning stomach feeling is bad, as is excessive gas, but what about burping or passing gas just a couple of times? I also know this probably varies from person to person, but what kinds of reactions are typical?