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mstewart wrote: I got some buckwheat as a prebiotic. I was wondering if I should ease into how much I eat. Like start with a tablespoon or 1/4 cup and work my way up.

This information is on the stricter version of the website’s diet; it reads:

“The first time you try a test food you should have only two to three bites. This amount is important since you’re going to be watching for a reaction from the food. The second day providing you’ve had no reactions at all, you can have three bites. If on the third day, you still have not experienced any reactions at all, you can eat from 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup, however, each time you eat the food you should watch for reactions since food allergies can occur at any time if you have “Leaky Guy Syndrome.” If allergic reactions occur, you should stop eating the food immediately and not attempt to eat it again until you have completely cured your infestation.”

Also would it be more beneficial to eat it before I take my probiotic since it is a prebiotic or does it matter when I eat it.

It doesn’t matter when it’s eaten.