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gcha8e wrote: Perhaps some admin should make this a sticky topic? 😀
How about Lime Juice? I personally prefer limes over lemons.
On the matter of citric acid, i read somewhere that citric acid is derived from Candida and should be avoided if you are infested, is that true? Is it a waste product of Candida?

Lime juice is fine, if you prefer this over lemon water, go with it.

It’s not so much the citric acid in fruits that are ‘bad’ for Candida sufferers, but the fact that they’re alkalizing foods plus most are high in sugar. Lemons/limes are also alkalizing, but are an excellent detoxing agent; other fruits are not mainly because of their high sugar content.

Personally, I still use pure lemon water several times a week for purifying the system, and I’ve been cured from the Candida albicans for so many months I can no longer remember how many. I’m still completely without symptoms today, even though I’m drinking the lemon water several times a week.