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I have a question about garlic:

Does garlic’s anti-fungal properties depend on the type of garlic being consumed? I try to eat raw garlic, but I really like the flavor of roasted garlic (ie sauteed in a frying pan), and garlic powder is SO VERY MUCH more convenient than having to cut up actual garlic cloves.

Should I try to refrain from roasting the garlic? And is there any benefit left in garlic powder, or just yummy taste?

While we’re on the topic of flavorings:

I’ve been avoiding spicy foods, even though I love them, because almost all candida diets say you should avoid them, but I would like to know why exactly. Cayenne pepper, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), chili pepper… is there something inherently wrong with these ingredients? Do they create a yeast-friendly environment?