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Hi, I don’t feel like opening a new thread for this, because my question are about the allowed foods list. I’m not sure about some things and am afraid I’m doing something wrong, so I would be grateful if someone could answer.

– As I understand, almonds and seeds can be eaten at the first stage if they are soaked and roasted? Did I understand this correctly? I haven’t eaten them at all by far, I’m too afraid 🙂

– Oat bran and buckwheat cereal can be eaten raw? I put it in my kefir for breakfast or dinner, is it ok, or should I cook them?

– Due to the strict diet, it is allowed to eat two portions of oat bran/buckwheat a day. How exactly big are these portions? How many grams do they contain?

-As I understood, butter isn’t allowed on the first stage, but ghee is? Or am I wrong?

– When I’m taking coconut oil, do I count also the dosage I’m using for baking or frying food? As I understood, coconut oil doesn’t change its qualities through cooking processes, so does it count if I use a dosage of about 3 teaspoons for frying eggs in my overall daily dosage of coconut oil? I don’t want my intake of it to be very high, because of the die-off symptoms. So if I take about 8 teaspoons by mouth, and also a couple of teaspoons for frying, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be too much.

Thanks for your help 🙂