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So it’s been 17 days and my die off symptoms are finally gone (woohoo!), but now I have some questions.

K, so I’d also like to know about different seafood and fish other than salmon as well, can we have it?

Also, for years when I still had candida I was allergic to milk, but recently when I went to my naturopath she tested my allergies again and found I was showing as no longer allergic, so do you think it is safe for me to try Greek yogurt or should I wait longer?

I was also wondering why we can have brown rice bran flour-why doesn’t it feed the candida? Isn’t it a grain?? And can I have this after 17 days on the diet?

Finally, a few days ago I tried the coconut flour bread, except I made it into muffins and added lemon juice. Afterwards I felt pretty sick-wanted to vomit, etc. However, I’m not sure if this is because I had a reaction to the coconut flour and fed the candida, or the coconut flour and lemon juice and coconut oil (all new to me) are such strong antifungals that I had a die off reaction, or if it was because I took my last probiotic later than I was suppose to and upset my stomach. So, should I wait to try coconut bread again and how long should I wait?