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Able, it seems you’re somewhat a celebrity on here lol. I ask that you please look over this and tell me your opinion and please offer any advice.

3 organic eggs fried in very little olive oil, I break the yolks so they are done and not runny. I top them with black pepper and coconut oil.
1000mg vitamin C
Nature’s way grapefruit seed extract
1000mcg Biotin
(3)chlorella tablets

Baked or grilled chicken or turkey (non organic)
brocolli, green beans
(2) Pau d’arco tablets

baked or grilled fish, chicken or turkey (non organic)
veggies from the stage 1 list
boiled egg with sea salt
1000mg vitamin C
(3) chlorella tablets

Nature’s bounty Probiotic Acidophilus (2-3 tablets just before bed)

I am currently between jobs and organic is just not in the budget to be honest. It seems I am still healing though eating non organic, I feel better and a few days ago I was itching like crazy all over which I have read is part of the die off process. I am still itching a little but not as bad. I am looking forward to making bread with the coconut flour as soon as I can find a local place that sells it. Wish I would have known about that weeks ago.

Thank you so much for helping us new guys/girls out. It’s tough to find people that will listen, let alone offer help. You will be in my prayers!