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Javizy wrote: Me again. Just wondering about tahini. It has something like 25g of carbs with 0 sugar and 9g fibre. It’s also high in protein (and fat for those who need calories). It’s delicious as a peanut butter replacement or condiment and mixed with Greek yogurt and lemon juice as a dip or dressing. I know seeds aren’t allowed, but if oil is, maybe seeds ground into a paste would be okay too. Forgot to mention that the seeds tend to be hulled, which I assume would remove any mould (mold).

Hello, Javizy.

Since the sesame seeds are hulled, toasted and then ground to produce the oily paste, I would imagine the mold has been removed, and they’re probably fine, but definitely treat them as a test food first. This means to have only a very small amount the first day, then wait three days to see if you have a reaction, if you do, avoid it for another month or so. But if you do not, then it should be safe on your diet. If you decide to test it, please let me know about the outcome.

Thanks, Able