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CT wrote: I’ve recently started the candida diet again after stopping it at christmas so I am at the beginning stage again. I just wondered whether almond milk is okay in stage one as I read a post by Able that almond flour is okay once baked because the mold will be killed. Would this work in the same way for almond milk if heated?

Also I was just wondering why blueberries or raspberries are not a test food after 4 weeks, like the granny smith apple. I thought these two fruits had less fructose in them than the apple?

Also are yeast free stocks allowed? Ingredients: sea salt, hydrolysed soya and maize protein, vegetable fat, carrot, onion, tomato, herbs (lovage, parsley), spices (celery, pepper, mace, tumeric).

How often can stevia be eaten?

All of these questions are answered on the “Allowed Foods” post other than the question concerning Stevia. I would limit it to perhaps twice a day following the detox period; but only if you purchase pure Stevia with no ingredients other than FOS or inulin.

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