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hwc2020;46475 wrote: Ok now I understand and I also now know I never got it. I just pieced together things from here and the Lisa Richards book. I sent him a message so hopefully I will be able to get it soon. Thank you so much for all of your assistance with this.

Hello, Hw. I suppose the fact that the actual diet isn’t on the protocol post can be a bit confusing. But as far as the link to the “Allowed Foods” in the protocol is concerned, that link does work as I just checked it. There is information in both the protocol and allowed foods thread explaining how to obtain the diet. There was an update added to the protocol in 2011 which reads as follows:

There is a ‘Stricter Candida Diet’ version of the website’s diet. If you’d like a copy of the diet, send me (Able900) a
private message from the forum. Most of the members on the forum are using the stricter diet along with the protocol.

I received your message and have sent you the information on the strict diet; just check your inbox on the forum.
By the way, you’re not ‘bothering’ me when you ask a question, I assume that’s why all of the experts come to the forum.