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since i am against all vaccinations i am not down to put anything that contains heavy metals in my body for sure !i will not do that at all if i cant get a list of ingredients i tried to look this up online and couldnt find much at all ,it seems the only time i get worse pain is when i eat tomato sauce ,chocolate ,orange ,anything really high in acid ,this is also why i have an ic diagnosis but since my body is so thrown off by antibiotics and constant yeast infections /thrush thats how i know i have a yeast overgrowth for sure

i dont know if its worth it then to even see an allergist i have state and the one they send me to probably wont even b able to test me ,i guess i can call and ask if they are familier with yeast overgrowth i kinda doubt it though no doctor ive spoken to yet has connected it and ive been to many !maybe ill just stick with what im doing then and start my acupuncture thanks !