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Well it sounds like you thought this out and have looked at most of your options in terms of what else you could be ill with. So in other words you have a pretty good grasp on it.

What I would consider is the anti-inflammatory protocol combined with the biofilm protocol (alternative ways to get better post). Probiotics and SF722 are part of the the biofilm protocol. I think enemas likely will help some but the yeast lives throughout the body and not just one organ.

I’d also look at candidate for die-off and possibly juniper root extract or the homeopathic version (juniperus).

Seeing the yeast in the stools is a pretty good symptom in my opinion for diagnosis…maybe the most definitive out of all of them.

I’d also look into human derived probiotics such as hmf neuro…its maybe the best one out there in my opinion, look at the reviews.