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Vegan Catlady
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AndrewScally;56152 wrote: Will an oral anti-fungal work in your opinion ?

Short answer: no

Long answer: I used to be a drinker. I would be NOW if candida would let me. Parents owned a bar in Florida, it was my job for years to be social and drink. Life is tough.
Anyway, this is why I am sensitive to your post.
Most people will tell you that alcohol is poison, and stop drinking.

Antifungals work in different ways. This is going to stink to hear, but candida-overgrowth in your sinuses is *probably* in your ears/eyes/digestive tract. You have symptoms telling you that its everywhere (common). An oral antifungal will help cut the candida down some, take away some excess, which is good. Unfortunately, antifungals wont keep it from coming right back.
You need to address why you got overgrowth to begin with.

Maybe it was antibiotics (common).
Maybe it is liver-congestion from a mix of drinking and fighting off colds, too much fat-consumption,poor diet.

Detoxing will make this go faster,in my opinion.
Take some kidney/liver clearing herbs in the form of teas or tinctures.
Limit your meat and dairy consumption (will go faster just to eliminate it for a few weeks!)
Eat raw garlic and if you can ,add a tsp or two of virgin coconut oil ( I wouldnt do this long-term,however,but some do with ease).

Its hard to give advice without knowing what your habits are, it could be as simple as eliminating an offending food, or as complicated as mercury/lead poisoning.

We cant really say. Yet.