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train21;38644 wrote: I am taking 2 mega flora twice a day and every day since I have started having headache’s. I was fine when I was on 1 twice a day, but I increased it and now it hurts. Also, I have this bubbling feeling under my skin that drives me crazy, feels like bugs or something, that has gotten worse as well. What does this mean? I don’t mind trying to deal with it if its a good thing, is it? I can understand anti fungals causing this but pro biotics?

Hi mate,
yes, I had it and it freaked me out. Really! I used the exact words and ask in differnt forums but none got a idea what that could be. Sometimes it woke me up and I could not sleep. How long have you been on the diet? How long have you got problems? For me that crazy boiling, bubbling creepyness under the skin stopped after a while. How did the change came?

1. I stopped with the candida diet because I noticed that after 8 month I was not getting better but worse.
2. I learned that I reacted strongly to fibre which was feeding bacteria, here in the diet.
3. I cut out fiber totally.
4. I am sure it was a mix from malnutrion and too much bacteria in my guts producing endotoxins.
5. I went on the SCD diet to heal my guts
6. When the bubbling came I, instead of falling into negative fearfull thinking, I turned and learned EFT technic and meditation to relaxe and to be without being pushed into the stress of negative thinking.
7. I learned that while we have an compromised intestines, we might not be able to break down vitamines. I then read that one can take it through the nose. In the states they have B12 spray. Here in Sweden we dont have it and so I crushed the pill and snorred it in like a druguser on a mirror into the nose.

8. I learned to life after the princip of KISS. Meaning keep it simple stupid. I stopped with all pro-biotic, pre-biotics, multivitamins and thought my cells of my body need fat, proteins and glucose. So I made bone and chicken brews, and have sometimes and brown spotted banana and use honey in my very weak coffee. That type of monosaccaride will go quickly in the small intestines into your cells and give power to you. Your immunesystem will be build up again. If you are weak because you are feeding the bacteria you get a compromised immunesystem too.

For me that terrible blood boiling stopped. Thank God for it.