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well, officially finishing day 6 of a (modified) cleanse. It’s more the strict diet I think as I have added in tuna packed in water occasionally as well as kefir in the mornings (sooooo good!).

I’ve gotten used to the bitters after meals already so that has been really positive. Proud of myself for finding new ways of making different types of veg and you tube is my new best friend for figuring out how I’m supposed to cut and eat them.

So far, aside from the rocky Tuesday that I had, I’ve been feeling ok. A little irritable and had a panic attack last night after an argument with a family member (sigh.. it’s been awhile since I last had one of those) but I was able to bring myself back into control within about 20 minutes which was good.

Bloating has definitely gone down. Craving for sweets, breads, and lots of other foods definitely present but holding firm. I’m really missing my white wine and also gin martinis! sigh…

Hoping my energy levels steady off soon so that I can go to the gym and do some (light) working out!