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Thanks for the encouragement, Able! I’m still on a very small dose of anxiety medication (cipralex) which I found helps me to manage my anxiety for the most part. I’m verrrrry slowly lowering my dose from 1 pill to a half, to a quarter, to a quarter every 2 days etc. It would be great to be off of that medication!

You might try both the Ashwagandha and 5 HTP to help you to get completely off the anxiety medication.

I had my first night out yesterday with a girlfriend and was surprised about how much fun I had! I had club soda (is this ok to drink? hope so!

Carbonated drinks add to the amount of toxins, but once a week shouldn’t have that much of an effect.

I had tons of energy (from adding some vitamins in to my schedule yesterday? maybe from the piece of coconut bread I decided to try out?

Maybe a combination of both.

has anyone every breaded their organic chicken with the crumbs left in the pan from the coconut bread?

No, but sounds like a great idea to me. You may want to post your results as a ‘recipe’ in the recipe section if it works out well.

Thanks, Able