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well, officially on day 19 now.

– Appetite has totally changed. Sugar cravings definitely not the same and I can tolerate the taste of plain kefir now (which I used to find super sour).
– No more severe hunger pains (pangs?) and more of a steady level of energy throughout the day.
– Sleeping more consistently (i.e. not waking up in the middle of the night)
– gums in my mouth seem less inflamed (flossing doesn’t hurt anymore, spaces between my teeth are easier to get floss through.. random!)

– still really gassy despite being conscious to chew my food more.
– tried oil pulling yesterday and narrowly avoided throwing up (the texture is definitely something I’ll have to get used to)
– still have a faint whitish coating on my tongue (is some white coating normal? Or is it supposed to be slippery and super pink?)
– eyes seem redder than normal?? Does anyone else get this?
– still feeling weak in my muscles if I do anything remotely strenuous

Any thoughts or experiences appreciated. I have an amazon order with SF722 and zypan on it that I’ll hopefully order next week.