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JaneneBean wrote: So….Wishnhope, how are you doing? We haven’t heard from you in awhile on this thread. I hope you have succeeded in getting back on the wagon sort of speak. It’s very frustrating when we’re around “normal” eating people and can’t have what they are eating. I work as a cashier in a grocery store and MAN is it difficult to forego the junk food sometimes. I can’t eat it though because I know what it will do to me. When I eat too many carbs, my body craves sugar so I know when to change up my diet to less carbs again. It’s sad for me that I can’t have fruits. Veggies and small portions of meat get pretty mundane. I’ve been eating like this for a year now, and when I thought all my issues were gluten related rather than Candida, I went to eating some gluten free foods which had WAY too many carbs in them. That set me back several months, I’m sure. Now I’m back on the wagon again and battling dizziness and lethargy for several days. Good ol’ die off…don’t ya just love it?
Well, I hope you are doing better.


Hi Janene,

Thanks for the reply. I have been lurking some on the forum and definitely roller-coastering as far as my food goes. I have been making my own kefir and having it for breakfast, I have limited my meat intake to mostly fish and eggs and rarely chicken. My love of sugar has been rearing its ugly head though and although I have been good with avoiding it overall, white wine has been more difficult for me to stop drinking.

I’m trying not to have the whole guilt cycle that i had the first time in march because it really didn’t help (i just ended up eating more stuff that wasn’t good for me) so i’m trying to just go meal by meal and make choices more in line with the foods on the candida diet.

i’m not feeling as good overall as I was while on the diet, although I am stronger (i couldn’t get rid of the dizzy spells after going upstairs despite molybdenum and coconut bread/pumpkin muffins while on the strict diet).

I have been able to work out a bit more as a result which has been good.