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wishnhope wrote: Day 12:
So I realized today that my hunger is different. I remember reading that a few weeks ago and thinking “ya right, I get so hungry, there’s no way that will go away” but now I’m just hungry as in “I could eat” not like “If I don’t eat something in 2 minutes I’m going to pass out” followed by that intense pain in the top part of my stomach. Yay for different hunger!

This is a huge step, W, whether you see it or not. That shows that the Candida population is shrinking considerably. I believe this is one of the milestones in anyone’s treatment, and I’m glad you recognized it so quickly.

Isn’t it a little strange how such a seemingly small change can make such a difference in your general feeling and state of mind?

Congratulations on sticking with the protocol in order to reach this point.