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wishnhope wrote: Hello all,

This is my first post. I’m in the preparation stages of beginning Stage 1 (trying to have the last of the fruit and gluten free items I have been eating for the last few months).

I’ve read through this forum and am shocked that there seems to be something that explains what’s been going on for me.

– numerous food intolerances
– INTENSE sugar cravings
– serious sensitivity to smells
– anxiety/depression
– recurrent yeast infections
– painful intercourse
– hand and feet cramps
– white tongue
– dry mouth
– extremely brittle nails and thin hair
– thin and sensitive skin
– very low pain tolerance (skin crawling feeling)
– fatigue
– pelvic pain
– unexplained red scaly marks on my skin (pencil eraser sized)
– white marks on toenails
– constant runny nose and post nasal drip
– recurrent stomach aches, nausea
– bloating and gas

It never occurred to me that they could all be related. I have been prescribed medication after medication for stomach pains. Diflucan for the yeast infections, even placed on serious hormone blockers to help with my pelvic pain. I have been on estrogen patches, birth control pills/patches/shots, and anti-anxiety medication.

I had stopped believing that there was even a chance for me to live a life without all this stuff. I stare incredulously at friends when they would tell me that they do not experience any (or very few and very rarely) of these symptoms.

I have polycystic kidneys, ovaries, and liver and on blood pressure medication as a result of the kidneys. I am filled with hope that I may actually be able to have a normal life!

Looking forward to the journey..

Hi welcome!
I am happy you found a home here. Please tell us how you are doing when you are on your journey to health! Good luck!