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9 months of double ear infections and sinus issues lead to 7 antibiotics and didn’t take probiotics regularly and ate a high sugar diet.

Week of 9 of my candida journey… My die off has shown in bad nausea, fatigue, and slightly dizzy, it comes when I’m doing things right but I agree it’s got to be gradual… For the first 30 days I ate minimal sugars- such as 87% cocoa. Now I’m off ALL sugar except a pinch of stevia in tea, and I found a Colon Cleanse helped tremendously with die off symptoms. But 3 days later, die off symptoms creeped back up. Going again tomorrow for a colonic.

The ear ache- oh do I know what you mean. It’s yeast in your mucus that’s clogging your estachian tubes from releasing. I found a massage therapist that knew how to open up my tubes by pressing behind my ear lobe in that groove, in a slow hard press to get them to drain. Press back and down your neck and it’ll get them to drain. You’ll feel it going down your throat.

Probiotics take time to build up in your system. I started healthy trinity and am starting to feel stronger and less like the sun is burning me when I’m outside.