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myword12345;48130 wrote: It got to be the only anti biotic i could take was cipro and yes a few months
ago I took some for a sinus infection.

Many sinus infections are NOT bacterial but, in fact YEAST infections…..candida being a prime culprit. I know my chronic sinus issues, which have been treated with antibiotics for a long time is part of the antibiotic abuse which led to my severe condition of CRC….

Luckily my Doc finally wrote me a script of Diflucan 100mg after a year of begging him for it and within a week there has been signs the medicine is causing more die off, along with parameters of this forums protocol and yes…..I have had a really really bad time with die off, yet that’s part of the healing cycle of this illness. You WILL feel worse before you feel better.

Please don’t get scared at every and any side effects you are going through with this forums protocol. I suggest printing out every page of the protocol and STUDYING IT THOROUGHLY as many questions are answered there and how to limit gnarly die off side effects.

Many blessings on your healing journey but, when ever I read someone say they took antibiotic for a Sinus infection, it reminds me of my LONG journey to even understand I had CRC (proven through the Candida Blood test, the most accurate test available). You might consider having the blood test ran before you continue the protocol without firm knowledge of being ill with CRC, rather than some other malady. It will save you time in the long run as if you have something else going on, you can address that, rather than self diagnose through a questionnaire or the spit test.

Arm yourself with FACTS…..then proceed…..

God Bless.