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Yes i’ve seen it, but I can’t eat that many eggs or chicken, partly down to the facts that I used to eat them everyday for years & have had to take 3 month breaks from them to address intolerances. I’m currently off chicken, broccoli, & almonds, & I rotate eggs over 3-4 day period.

I’m waiting on some test results for food allergies (& my candida blood test results), so will find out more then.

Without a relatively high protein, & fat diet I find i’m even more tired than usual. So I eat organic buffalo, organic grass fed beef, venison, lamb, & duck. Currently the antifungals I am taking daily are garlic, coconut oil, pau d’arco, & goldenseal.

I eat some sweed y’day & other than a rapid fairly aggressive passing of stool I felt as normal.

I’ve been on the diet for a month & will change my herbal antifungal formula in a fortnight when I have another appointment with my herbalist.

My reason for posting was to find out if there is anything in there that really shouldn’t be?