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Hal123;17923 wrote: Hi All,

I joined a week or two ago, and I’m kind of all over the place at the moment. One minute I feel ok, and generally happy, and the next I’m completely overwhelmed. It’s different to how it used to be before I started the diet, then I just wanted to cry all the time and felt miserable. Now I don’t feel unhappy, but do feel completely unable to cope.


The only thing that helps me when I feel this was is exercise, and I don’t mean walking. I laugh when people say the take a 15min walk and feel better, I just don’t understand that at all, My symptoms are so bad I have to exercise on a bike for 30min a day 3-4 times a day just to keep myself from going mad. The thing is you need to be careful with how much you exercise, I have to do it because I’m so screwed up, but if you don’t have to yet, don’t go overboard on it, ask someone here who is smarter then me about exercising and adrenal fatigue and what to watch out for. You dont want your exercise to stop your body from healing.

However, I feel your pain,, and I just felt like telling you that if you feel really really bad, you may want to try some harder exercise, not just walking, and see how that works out for you, as it makes me feel a ton better, just don’t over do it though. Also, I noticed I need to exercise until I hit a sweet spot, which takes me 30min to 37 min to reach. If I only do it for 20min, it makes me feel worse, so keep that in mind, you may meed to experiment to find how much exercise you need to feel better.