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Pattinoo wrote: Hi Hal, I identify a lot with your story. I think I’ve had this thing possibly up to 20 years or more so I’ve definitely got a severe case. I started the protocol cleanse on about Feb 27th and 2 weeks later went on Able/Raster’s protocol. So, I guess I’ve been in Phase 1 for about 6 weeks. Still brain fog but functional at a pretty stressful job despite it so the severity has lessened a great deal. I still have some trouble with multitasking but do much better shifting from task to task and with focus. Ringing in my ears has reduced significantly to occurring occasionally. This deal seems to be 2 steps forward one step back so please be patient with yourself. It can be confusing and frustrating and the forum has heard some of my venting posts and people have been really supportive and have answered many of my questions. Rainy and/or hormone changing days still are generally not the best, I get a ‘clammy, want to crawl out of my skin’ feeling that I will do almost anything to distract myself from focusing on. I use molybednum, Vit C and milk thistle and think the combination of the 3 helped me get through die off in the beginning and continues to do so when I increase my antifungal/probiotic. I got a great deal of the ‘all in your head’ stuff with symptoms and also explored Lyme Disease but poeple who don’t live in constant discomfort to significant pain all the time don’t necessarily understand this. My skin conditions have changed in severity throughout this. They seem to worsen when I take another step to fight this thing and them ease off a little after a bit of time. I had the same thing with my sig other, thinking I’d rather focus on facebook or phone apps than give him attention, when it just helped distract me from my discomfort or I too was zoning out…In my experience it will get better, hang in there.

Hi Pattinoo,

Thank you for the reply, and I’m sorry it took so long to respond. I got overwhelmed for a while there. I know what you mean about 2 steps forward, one back. I’ve finished some of my anti fungals and not replaced them so suddenly I can think again, obviously the moly is helping too, but it was scary for a while there.

I’m struggling to go right back to basics with Able and Raster’s strict protocol. Just eating veg makes me feel awful, and I can’t really tolerate eggs, so I’m going to have to do some shuffling.

That’s interesting, I associate that icky skin feeling with dairy products. I used to get it all the time but cut out dairy years ago and haven’t had it since. It also fixed my jittery legs and temper flare ups.

I can’t tolerate the damp at all, any type of damp spores make me really sick. I get flu like symptoms and often don’t realise why I’m ill, which means I take to my bed, often in the damp house. It has taken me a few years to work that one out and now I’m extra careful.

Thanks for the reassurance. It’s a huge leap of faith this whole thing. I know sugar is bad, but the extremes of this diet make me question my sanity sometimes. Last week both my family and one of my friends inependently suggested I see a therapist because it’s all in my head, or just “man up and get on with it”. I know it’s not their fault for not understanding, but it still sucks. I’m lucky to have a supportive partner. Even if he does hate my laptop and phone, he still believes me.