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Hal123 wrote:
There are loads of people on this forum, but you are the first who has taken the time to reply, so the thanks are deserved. 🙂 There are so many people on here that need support that it must be a full time job responding to them all, so really thank you to everyone who takes the time to reply to anyone!

So how long have you had candida? What improvements have you seen? You say your boss doesn’t expect much of you now, does that mean you’re still suffering from brain fog after all this time?

I started writing this 2 days ago, but minimised it on my desktop and then forgot all about it. I guess my brain fog isn’t exactly clearing! I’ve been taking the Moly for 4 days now, and although I’m still foggy, I eventually remember things in flashes, and i also feel much less overwhelmed. It does seem to be bloating me though. Is that normal? I don’t think I’ve added anything else to my diet except that…

Also, my acne is getting worse again and I have no idea why. It’s like I’m slipping back to how things were before, but am still on a restrictive diet.

It does make a real difference knowing I’m not the only one going through this, and that there is an end to it all eventually, but it’s a long slog and it’s not going to be easy.



I think I have had candida overgrowth most of my life, probably over 20 years. I had chronic yeast infections when I was 15 and was not even sexually active at that time. I am turning 40 in June. I had severe kidney infections when I was 15 and got a lot of antibiotics for that. After that, I had persistent yeast infection, constipation, forgetfulness and some other symptoms for which I just thought were normal for me. Then when I was 19 and war broke out here, I remember suddenly being able to remember phone numbers, car plates etc. It was really interesting. Well, because of the limited food supply, we did not eat all the unhealthy stuff and were returned to “cave days” in terms of survival so now thinking back, probably that was the cause for my sudden excellent brain function. I do remember being sick initially without a visible illness and moody etc. and I wonder if that was die-off. Who knows…

At the end of war I left Bosnia and moved to US. Being almost starved during war, we hit all the bad stuff for food source. I remember that soon I didn’t feel so well. I started college on top of full time job and could not make it as I was constantly sick. So I changed my diet wanting to be healthy and be able to put in 16 hour days. I ate healthy cereal (non sweet whole grain) for breakfast and that was only thing besides starchy vegetables that I ate which is not allowed. I also was making my own kefir and drank at least a large cup of that daily. I ate mostly salads and non-processed food. I ate very little to no bread (I am not big on it anyway). This gave me best years of my life. I was better in my thirties than twenties. But finally getting out of university I wanted kids and could not have them (read that this could also be connected to candida) and had to have endometriosis removed as well as take hormone therapy for close to 6 months. I am not sorry I did it as I have two wonderful girls now, but this is probably a start to my candida overgrowth escalating the way it did last year. Then during pregnancy naturally my immune system was lowered so the babies can survive. During pregnancy I had one severe UTI and after giving birth two breast infections so I got antibiotics for that. I moved back to Bosnia when girls were 3 months old. Then I gave my all to kids, work (working until 3 or 4am was a regular practice for me), anyone else but me, ate whatever I could get my hands on and as my fatigue was getting worse I drank more coffee and ate more sweets (never had a sweet tooth lucky me) to be able to keep going (totally wrong approach I know that now).

So last summer I started getting really tired all the time and went to the doctor, they checked everything and found nothing. I got a lot of “you have two small kids, raising them alone, you should be tired” and similar. Then after my vacation in July, which was very stressful with both kids very sick with high fever and me “caught a stomach bug” (come to think of it candida was probably already at play) I was never the same after that. My health was getting worse and worse and I was getting new symptoms every day. I could not catch my breath on a simple task, I had hart palpitations, awful cough got worse (had it most of my life but doctors said that it’s just like that, mucus goes into my lungs so I must cough that out), I got vertigo, then my digestion problems progressed into diarrhea which stayed with me little less than 4 months, soon I could not eat anything and had to make myself eat, and finally on top of some other minor symptoms that I don’t care to list now I got anxiety which got me into the hospital for the first time. They checked my heart and internal organs, bloodwork, everything, and found nothing. But I kept getting worse, soon I had no strength to do anything and it was such a task taking care of the kids. I am going from specialist to specialist this whole time and they found some minor issues but not a single cause to my mysterious illness. In the mean time I got lymph node infection and got antibiotic again for that. Got even worse, started having blue nails and lack of breath or oxygen even while sitting and doing nothing. Went to the pulmologyst and she thought I had bronchitis and gave me antibiotics AGAIN! Two days after starting that tour of antibiotics I was sicker than ever before. Had flue like symptoms as well, but no flu.

Finally last November I ended up at the infectologyst because of this diarrhea that all of the other specialist ignored and he ordered stool samples. One showed 25% candida. So I looked it up online and thank God found this site. I started the diet right after, web site’s version first then switched over to the strict diet followed by almost everyone here on the forum and got better, then worse, then better, then awful, and then slowly better and better. My diarrhea stopped days after starting the diet, then my skin problems were gone, then my dizziness went away, then heart palpitations (still get them for short periods if I am having die-off), then vag thrush got better, then… I even found out that my big toenail problem was actually fungus as I see a healthy nail growing out! Last GP I checked this with back in US said that this was because of the nail polish!!!

I am still weak, not as strong as I would want to be, I still react to some food sometimes, my neurological issues including anxiety are almost gone so it’s easier dealing with what’s left of the symptoms and this diet.

So here is my story, you see we all have one. I must be strong, and I must get better, if not for myself (even tough I should), then for my girls. They just turned 3 and they do need their mommy. Since last summer I was unable to be the mom they are used to, the one that went out for walks with them daily, that played and had fun and always smiled (I am that kind of person and it took time for this illness to knock a smile off my face). Finally since last month we are laughing, playing (not as actively as before but you can play and laugh sitting down as well hahaha), and having fun again. Oh how I missed my children!

I am far from healed, and I still have bad days more than I would like. My brain fog is better but still there. I can do my work but not work any overtime like I used to. I see that they are not giving me the same amount of work as they used to. I did get promoted several months back and am a manager now but I have to remind my people to keep sending me stuff via email and I keep searching email for answers such as “where is so and so” because they pop in and tell me they are going to lunch but I will be looking for them in about half an hour hahahaha. I was worse though, I was so bad that I would dress kids wrong and forget more important things. Now at least I don’t forget what’s really important, but small stuff still evaporates as if it was never there.

Again, wishing you best of luck and strength to beat this and get healthy again.