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Hello, Hilary.

Thank you all so much! It seems I’m on the right track, but I will get their probiotics out tonight and run those by you guys so you can tell me if it’s a good brand. They have been on probiotics for a year and they take omegas and drink as much Lifeway Kefir as I can afford!

That’s fantastic, Hilary, I’m glad you’ve been giving this to them as it will be a big plus in their progress.

Also, my doctor gave me samples of Aqua Flora Candida and I haven’t tried it so thank you, I will start the boys on it tonight!

Hilary, Aqua Flora is a homeopathic medicine. I tried homeopathic remedies myself for a few months during my treatment prior to developing the protocol on the forum, and the symptoms only became worse and worse. My conclusion was that homeopathic medicines may work for many illnesses, but I do not believe they are the proper treatment for a Candida overgrowth. I feel that the reason is because one of the ingredients of Aqua Flora is actually Candida albicans. The principle of homeopathic medicine is to fight the disease with the cause; however, Candida albicans are already in the body when you have an infestation, so how can adding more on top of what is already there bring a cure? I especially would not give children a homeopathic medicine for a Candida infestation. Read the ingredients on the container, you will see “Candida albicans” as an added ingredient.

They eat only organic eggs and I only buy organic everything. Chicken a couple of times a week and organic turkey. They rarely eat sweets, but they eat tons of fruit, cheese, and yogurt. This is my biggest problem!

A lot of fruit and cheese will be, and the yogurt if it’s sweetened. If this is the only way they’ll eat it, you can buy unsweetened plain Greek yogurt and sweeten it yourself with Stevia for them.

Also, Able I know you have said no to nuts, and I’m much better now that I’m not eating them, but my boys love them. They are raw and organic, so do you think they would be ok if I soak them in water first? I’m looking for snacks and protein sources. I use hemp seeds in as much as I can, and I make smoothies with coconut milk and hemp milk and kefir.

If you’re soaking them and they are also organic, then the chance are that they’re fine as long as they don’t overdo it by eating too many.

Do you think if I made kefir Popsicles (Lifeway kefir, blueberries, and ground nuts or hemp seeds)…that would be an ok snack?

I suppose so, but I wouldn’t give this to them too often during one day.

I’ve made some delicious coconut flour crackers that we all enjoy and I’ve got a pretty good version of the coconut bread going, but snacks are the hardest for me because I always ate fruit for snacks and that’s what my boys eat. They are fine with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and granny smith apples (dehydrated)… Is this ok?

It just sounds like a lot of fruit to me, but maybe that’s because fruit is how I contracted Candida. I didn’t eat much ‘sugar’ or carbohydrate-high foods, but I was what you might call a fruit fanatic as any type of fruit was always my favorite food item.

Also, do you think they could eat beans? If so, what kind are the safest?

As far as the amount of carbs are concerned, the lowest carb-content beans are baby lima beans, black beans, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, refried beans and pinto beans, so I would give them one of these now and then in place of meat.

I think your children are very lucky to have you as their mom.