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ljm352;41533 wrote: I am currently eating … rice for lunch and about 2 Purdue chicken breast with more brown rice for dinner. I snack on rice cakes, whole grain brown rice, and all i drink is filtered water. I do have a cigarette every now and then, and when I drink which is just on ocassion and it is clear vodka.

Hello, Lance, welcome to the forum.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is this; as long as you continue to feed the Candida the foods that allow them to survive, they will survive and they will continue to multiply in your body.

You’re feeding the critters on a daily basis with brown rice, whole grain brown rice, and rice cakes. It doesn’t matter what name you attach to “rice,” it’s still a starch product and when any starch product is eaten it will change into sugar once it begins to break down in your body.
In addition, the vodka on occasion is building a perfect environment in which the lovely Candida families can raise their children basically forever. Rather dramatic, I know, but so is an out of control Candida infestation in the human body.

We have a diet and a protocol that the forum uses. Read the testimonies, and if you’re interested in using this treatment, just let me know via private message on the forum.

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