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Check out the protocol to answer your questions; it mentions antifungals and probiotics.

You may want to consider taking a break from working out while you heal; you need to heal your immune system and not build muscle mass.

In order to not lose weight you need to give your body proper nutrition. These means a more balanced diet with snacks between meals. You should be eating 3-4 course meals and feel full like thanksgiving afterwards. Be sure to give your body plenty of trace minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

If you can save the alcohol consumption for special events such as birthdays, graduation, etc. this is a better way to go than partying every weekend (like I did). You need your liver to detox the candida toxins and if you damage it, you’ll have to heal it seperately. Additionally, you liver is critical for effecting how you feel daily. If you feel like crap its your liver that feels like crap.

What are you taking to protect your liver and kidneys from the toxins?