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Hi Lizzie

You know what I would do? I would put him on the diet anyway.
Just do a two week run. Maybe not be as strict. Let him eat a little more chicken maybe. But try him on raw veges, instead of cooked food. For instance, at least make him have raw vegetable and egg white lunch. That’s what I do, and I have raw vegetables and chicken at night, or I cook the vegetables in a chicken stir fry. On the weekends I’m cheat and I have lamb chops, but I’m going to give that up now.
Also, once a fortnight I go to the bakery, which I have to try and stop also.
But, it is amazing how much difference the diet has made to my health in just two weeks. I really, want to experiment in making at least 2/3’s of my meals raw vegetables, to see if I can accelerate healing.

there is three obvious improvements in only two weeks, and they are the most important changes I need too:
1) Negative thoughts and depression have dramatically reduced, nearly all disappeared to be honest. That means basically, I’m not thinking about the past and my current situation, and I’m thinking more about my future and my goals, which, like good bacteria in the gut, crowds out negative thoughts in the mind.
2) My anxiety is dramatically reduced in the same way my negative thoughts and depression has reduced.
3) My bad breath has gone.

So, there are many illness that aren’t explained by medical science and now there seems to be a growing shift of finger pointing to the gut.

So, chop him up a big bunch of rinsed raw veges, and include it with a more healthy diet like yours and try that for two weeks. If he see’s benefits he will want to eat more like that even though it might be hard for him to start. For example, I was eating raw asparagus at work for lunch on Monday…Now that’s just not me, but I have seen the benefits, and I just consider it my medicine that I have to be on now.