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Vegan Catlady
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Go very easy on the antifungals until you know how you will react.

Some I can take without any die-off symptoms, and some cause a fight-or-flight response.I cant take Olive Leaf 🙁

There are mixed reaction to cycling the antifungals. Some say you should, some say it isnt a good idea until you know which ones are working. Your answers here will depend on the personal experiences of those on the forum most likely.

Make sure you have vitamin C and maybe some herbal teas for the liver/kidney on hand incase you get really successful with an antifungal and it causes bad die-off. The die-off is temporary, but boy you want to avoid it happening strongly if at all possible.
I *now* use Natural Detox by Celestial Seasonings tea for the milk thistle,echinacea,dandelion,red clover, licorice, and rooibose.
These herbs keep the liver/kidneys filtering and protect them a little from the toxins that die-off is.

I take tinctures now too, but you will find through trial and error what works for you best.