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I feel that the best route to go for any candida treatment is to heal holistically, meaning heal many organs all at once at the same time. The protocol and enemas don’t address this and its something that will have to be managed by a naturopathic doctor.

Adrenal fatigue takes a very long time to heal and get over and so you will have to do it in conjunction with any anti-candida protocol and treatment. One thing you should determine is what kind of adrenal fatigue you have and at what levels. I had an adrenal fatigue test and it showed that I didn’t chew my food enough and that I didn’t snack enough between meals (in other words I had specific iga/igg levels that were analyzed by my doctor and he told me what it means). I slowly increased my adrenal levels by taking drenamin which is a high end b vitamin.

Thyroid can be healed in conjunction with the protocol, but how are you going to do it? I did it by taking min-tran and min-chex which are high end iodine supplements that actually replenish the thyroid. Other doctors probably would suggest other stuff for the thyroid so its best to get professional advice on what is best for you and your health problems.

I don’t think enemas can address either of these because enemas don’t heal the organs directly (from my knowledge).