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moochpb;36384 wrote: they found no keytones, sugar, or carbs in my urine. My blood sugar and blood pressure is normal. Just waiting for the results back for my thyroid, kidneys, liver and adrenals

Sorry, I didnt see your last post about your bloodwork coming back. You can still have adrenal fatigue and it wont show up on a blood test. The problem is they only run a blood cortisol test to determine if your adrenals are working. This test is a waste of time as your body always trys to maintain normal blood cortisol levels. You need to ask for a saliva hormone test as these are the most accurate picture of how your adrenals are functioning. You also have to check them 4 or 5 times throughout the day and one draw of blood will not give you enough information on where your levels are.

I went to a medical doctor and my blood came back normal but when I did the salivary test my cortisol was extremely high which explained alot of the stress related symptoms I have been having lately.