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MsMollyJackson;31659 wrote: I’ve been struggling with blood sugar issues and its driving me crazy. I keep crashing and don’t know what to do!?!? I am eating ALL of the time…I’m not sure I can do this diet any longer and I’m scared all of this torture was for nothing!
I eat chicken all day, almonds, veggies, brown rice…
It’s been since June and blood sugar seems to be getting worse!
I feel like its time to go to regular dr??

You really are only supposed to be eating Chicken once a week. Almonds are considered a phase 2 item and should be soaked first due to mold. I don’t see brown rice listed on the strict diet list. Are you following the strict diet list or the diet on the website?

Most of us are following a strict diet put together by the moderators on this forum. Certain foods such as almonds and brown rice are not allowed on this list since many others have proven to have issues with these items in the past.

IMO I would give the diet the diet a fair chance and follow it properly first. Many general practice doctors don’t even believe Candida exists. You probably would fair better with a Naturopath, but you should find a recommended one. If you follow the diet properly and things get better then you know.