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Seems like you have done your homework regarding AF/hypoT …. think more people here are suffering from adrenal issues than not: glad it’s becoming a more constant topic of discussion. Much of the supplements you are using should help some. I’d be curious as to what you think about licorice root; haven’t tried it to date as I’ve heard there are some potential side effects.

Have you considered iodine therapy? (an important nutrient to thyroid health)

From my understanding, it is just as important to take iodine co-factor supplements along with iodine, as it is to increase iodine. Some say it’s safe to take up to 100mgs of iodine/daily but, be careful to build up slowly since it can cause horrible die off. I got weird effects from just 1000mcgs/daily without the co-factor supplements but, those seem to be corrected with adding in extra magnesium/selenium.

Another big factor is SLEEP….get as much as you can. REDUCE STRESS as much as possible: this includes stress from heavily restricted low carb diets.

Adrenal fatigue suggests hypothyroid since the adrenals typically burn out trying to make up for what the thyroid is lacking, from my limited research. These are very complicated systems and are slow healers. Have heard it can take over a month to heal for every year they were compromised.

FYI – anyone experiencing low body temps or night sweats/chills should start taking their basal temps (temp upon waking) as these systems regulate body temps. If your body temp is below normal (I have had 95.7 degrees in the past but, didn’t understand why at the time) it suggests hypothyroid/adrenal fatigue. A good reference and symptoms list can be found at stop the thyroid madness

Blessings towards your healing journey.