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dforbreakfast wrote: I’m moving to a different state in the US in a few days. When I get there I’ll probably apply for Medicaid so I can maybe get some testing done.

Hate to chime in on this considering the day you have expressed you have had, DfB. yet, better to have knowledge upfront than to pin our hopes on something like medicaid. I’m NO expert on these matters but, have been through the ringers with them and have some experience to share.

Not that any of us want to be “disabled” but, social security disability insurance as of June 2011 has included endocrine disorders as one of the ‘listed” conditions which is disabling under certain criteria. One can receive SSDI to enable them to become able bodied and get off SSDI as well.

Food for thought: if you get state sanctioned medicaid, it will probably preclude you from filing a Social Security Disability Insurance claim (medicare) down the line. At least, lawyers to represent you won’t be that willing to take your case on and it’s very important to have legal representation for any claim. This is due to lawyers only receiving a flat rate if they are victorious which is paid by Social Security (not the claimant) and they get nothing if they lose. Therefore, they filter cases carefully and only take on ones they think have a good chance at winning, and even then the failure rate can exceed 25%. In general, medicaid tends to be a stop gap for people who can’t receive SSDI/Medicare.

However, at least in California, if you are disabled for a prolonged period there is state disability insurance, which is much easier to apply/approval. Basically, a form (think you have to have some medical signature) but, it’s only a once in a life time thing and only covers 12 months. It doesn’t seem to effect one’s SSDI claim in the least and might actually help. That might be worth checking out, though you may have a better chance receiving it from the state you’ve paid into this system, rather than moving to a new state which you haven’t pain into. There is no health insurance with this, it’s just a monthly stipend. Moving alone could very well be used as evidence you aren’t disabled with SSDI if you are well enough to move while ill. I have read a court case where they used someone who took one trip across the country to visit their grandchildren as proof of lack of a credible claim. We’re talking big brother here whose reach is beyond huge: particularly now days with store gas/shopping cards tracking every purchase and seemingly any access to any records they want (thank you: anti-patriot act). Heck, they can put a detective on your butt to track your every waking move and interview your neighbors/friends/relatives/associates…….There is just too much fraud these days with such a horrible economy that there is little sympathy for people like us who truly are in disabled conditions and need the help these programs offer.

My sad story includes years long battle with SSDI which wasn’t successful. Even though I had a 2 inch stack of medical records all showing my journey combing the state for specialists with a disgestive disorder and all these dx’s (mis-dx’s at that) along with substantiated pain /suffering it was ruled non-disabling. My only recourse was to consider suing them in civil Fed Court which I elected not to proceed since I still don’t have any new medical tests/records to prove an endocrine disorder. My representation took great offense I wasn’t willing to go through the scrutiny of a Fed case which most likely not win anyway, since that is the only way to protect my “rights” and preserve the medical history (he used nasty terms like I was depressed, irrational and even couldn’t mentally make the one decision he wanted me to make: TO SUE (lose), rather than admit he didn’t do what he should have within the SSDI system).

Candida isn’t a “listed” disabling condition and I haven’t the medical history at this juncture to support an endocrine condition. Thus, chances of a favorable decision is far flung (that isn’t an irrational decision!). In hindsight, it was stupid to proceed with my SSDI claim without a firm dx of a listed condition. If I knew about candida/endocrine disfucntions I would have proceeded in seeking medical treatment/substantiation prior to requesting a SS/hearing.

So, I’m stuck with trying to substantiate a new claim with new medical records, find new representation and when able to start a years long battle to receive medicaid: that is if they don’t rule it was all covered in this prior ruling. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do when the new health insurance policy is mandated in 2014 – can’t think that far presently (my case is complicated due to a LTD policy which would prevent me from receiving a subsidized insurance program)…… like someone suffering from what we suffer needs all this additional stress, sigh.

This is one reason why adrenal/thyroid/endocrine issues aren’t something to down play with statements like, “we all likely suffer from them to some degree” but, they are in fact very important on many levels. If in fact, someone has a severely compromised endocrine system which candida is a symptom of, then it is very important to treat it within western medicine: since SSDI won’t be victorious with alternative records alone. Also, it could very well prove to make a huge difference in their ability to heal from candida at all. Candida isn’t a “listed” disabling condition. Like with what happened with lymes until recently, it probably would take numerous victorious Fed court suits to get Social Security to finally list candida related complex.

Anyway, this is all complicated issues which everyone has to decide for themselves. We aren’t here to “game” the systems but, keeping them in consideration could be very pivotal to someone’s life. Like making a move to another state and no matter how “good” it might seem at the time, could very well effect govt assistance programs. I suggest seeking proper counsel on disability issues as these programs are vital support and complicated. Better to have this information prior to making a move, rather than have a move corner you in forever.

I for one wish DfB nothing but prayers of grace and healing. Perhaps we all need to pray for one another…….and for our country!!!