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hope4eva77;36698 wrote: i dont know if i can even afford her herbs but just asking what u guys think of me letting her look over my protcol and ill let u know exactly what she offers when i find out nxt wk

That would be fine, Hope.

i am doing 3 tbs coconut oil ,Swedish bitters ,renew life probiotics 50 billion twice a day ,tsb acv sumtimes 1 caprylic acid pill,ashwaganda,molybendum,3-4000 vitamin c ,multivitamin,iodine i think thats it for now lol .

Be sure that you can explain why you’re taking each of these supplements because she may ask why you’re taking some of them if she doesn’t know much about a Candida overgrowth and how to treat it.

By the way, the multi-vitamin isn’t part of the forum’s protocol.