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Katemate3;54809 wrote: I had my first acupuncture session booked in today, but when I arrived there I realised I was experiencing die off badly from eating a whole Swede yesterday (stupid, I know)so I had a headache and felt crappy. Anyway the acupuncturist said it’s probably best to rearrange, as if I had acupuncture whilst experiencing die-off it could be too much for the body.

So i’m wondering when I should have the acupuncture? I was put on antifungals a few months ago, had severe die off with those so i’m now having a break from them before I go on them again.. I’m eating basically buckwheat, veggies, oat bran, fish and meat and that’s about it.

I really want to try acupuncture but I don’t want to do it at a time that won’t be beneficial, should I do it before I start the antifungals again, or way after when all the die off is gone?

Any advice much appreciated 🙂

I would say save your money but I’ve heard it helps for some folks. I won’t knock it because it didn’t provide me with any benefit but I find it hard to believe it can help with intestinal dysbiosis and a dysfunctional immune system.

You should probably direct your question to your acupuncturist.