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DanRead wrote: If Candida does indeed react badly to an acid environment, how do we put this to our advantage? Right now I’m on a very low-carb diet and am taking Caprylic acid as a supplement. Are there any other supplements which may be a good idea?

Are you taking probiotics? Also, oil of oregano if liquid form is one of the best antifungal products available. If you purchase the oil of oregana, find the posts about lessening die-off reactions and read those as well.

“If” Candida does react badly to an acidic environment in the digestive system, then we should NOT take probiotics because the probiotics contain beneficial flora which put off certain acids – which, by the way, destroy the Candida.
That’s about all we can do in the way of creating “less” of an acidic environment, other than continuing with the diet endlessly and taking antifungals to lessen the effect of the infestation.

The body is naturally supplied with the tools it needs in order to correct a pH imbalance, unless it becomes extreme, at which times it cannot normally control the balance, especially when other factors are taken into account; then it becomes a matter of the body succumbing to an illness … such as Candida.

We cannot destroy a Candida infestation with the diet and antifungals alone, the cure must include large amounts of probiotics in order to destroy the infestation. So as you see, when you couple this fact with the alkaline theory, it makes no sense at all to take the probiotics.