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whyitsme wrote: thrives in acidic. I am taking greens as well as the candida diet, to help make my system more alkaline. I have a friend who swears on ionized water, that it is a huge factor in converting your ph babalnce. I however don’t have the money to invest in that kind of filter, so sticking with the greens. Had massage therapist and nutritionist also tell me to tkae greens to make more alkaline system to help get rid of the candida.

Dear Danread and whyitsme,

Whyitsme, i am going to have to strongly disagree you on this one, candida thrives in an alkaline environment and not in an acidic one. Now i know it seems logical to think that it thrives in an acidic environment, however I have been readin several posts in this forum and I read a very interesting one written by Able! You can find it in the posts thank you Able and he states very clearly what I have just said.

I also did my own research on the net and found articles confirming what Able wrote, although I did not have any doubt