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Lucylu wrote: rar; Have you looked at the discussion board on this forum? I really feel you have no need to suffer the way you are. Not only are you doing the fasting to leads to extreme fatigue and depression, but you’re not following the right diet – the quinoa, hazelnuts, fruit… all feed the diet.

Your journal makes for dramatic reading… but there really is no need for tis process to be so dramatic & painful!!

Concurring here, Lucy, totally.

Rar, Lucy has complete support from the seasoned veterans on the forum in what she’s told you.

And pardon me, but starting your journey to a cure for your infestation by naming the journal “Accepting Pain” is an extremely negative approach, not to mention its possible effect on other new members. Using the title, “Accepting Pain” infers to me that you’ve already given up. Really would have preferred a different title, but that’s just me.

Don’t you hate it when someone says, “Been there, done that”? Yeah, I used to as well, but on this forum, when it comes to factual information on how to cure your infestation, well, you simply can’t get any closer to that than listening to, “Been there, done that.” That’s because that statement means that someone has traveled the path before you, and the people who have traveled it know the tricky turns, the detours and the potential problems, and above all, they’ve learned how to reach your destination.

Imagine you’re on a trip to some distant place to which you’ve never traveled before. You don’t have a map with you. Next to you in the passenger’s seat is a truck driver who has traveled to your destination many times during his career. Would you bother to listen to his directions and advice or would you turn to guess work to find your destination? Then why not use the same sensible logic in curing your infestation and listen to the people on the forum who have literally “been there, done that” before you? They’ve cut the path for you which means you’re not on an undiscovered path, Rar, you’re on a path that has already been mapped out for you if you’ll just use common sense and take advantage of it.