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Okay so I started, end of the first day without sugar.It’s amazing what even 1 day without sugar ups and downs can do. My body already feels calmer. Already the bloating and gas is gone, the athlete’s foot, the weird fermenting kind of feeling that I get in my feet (ick horrible feeling), the head pressure. I’m able to connect to my emotions more already, more clear headed. That was fast. It feels good

All I ate today was pork and brazil nuts? Not the most balanced day.I actually took in literally 0 sugars today, not even a wee bit from lettuce. Not something I plan to do the rest of the week obviously but I found it really weird to see on nutritiondata that my food added up to 0 on the glycemic index. Didn’t even know that was possible

Already a bit of the old symptoms that occur when you quit sugar are coming up. The first one, insomnia. It is quite scary when you realize that you have been relying on sugar to fall asleep, or have a bowel movement (I get so horribly constipated if I don’t feed the candida, never heard of that before). Without sugar, my body forgets how to do these things, already. No weakness yet but expecting tomorrow that to start.

One question, how do you guys go out to get groceries when the weakness starts? I eat a lot of fresh vegetables but if I can barely get out of bed for 2 weeks, I don’t see how that will happen.