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Sorry to hear this is such a tough road for you! Especially since you’re so young. I’m wondering if you went too hard at the cleanse, and that resulted in massive die-off and weakness, such that you couldn’t really stay on it and get past that first difficult week. I think, and I’ve seen this recommended by the experts on this forum, that you could consider cutting out the cleanse, and going straight to the diet. Another idea would be for you to go and stock up at the grocery store before you begin the diet, maybe even prepare some really tasty forum recipies and have them available for you when you start.

I feel that it’s better to start off slow and stay on the diet as much as you can, than to have to keep stoppping due to die off and weakness. If you fail at all (cheat on the diet), don’t give up, just keep going with it as best you can. Although I’ve had some food I shouldn’t have several times, I am still trying to stick with it as much as possible and I am improving. Best of luck, and I hope you’re feeling better soon!! Lynda