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The only reason I use my doctor is to diagnose how serious my candida infestation is and also for prescription drugs (if any). Next time I see her, I will ask a LOT of questions, mainly about things I have read here.
The last time I saw her was more than six months ago. I’m pretty sure I’m doing fine without her.
If you’re short on money, go easy on the doctor visits. Instead use your time to do some research yourself and see what other people have done to cure themselves.
I see that you are new here. Are you familiar with the diet, the protocol, the antifungals, probiotics, supplements, …? If not, I’ll write you a summary of things you have to look into when I have a bit more time.
I see raster has posted a few minutes ago. Follow his advice on your gas problem. I’m supplementing HCl right now. (Still figuring out the dose…) I’ll keep you updated.

Take care and hang in there!