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To CatLover and anyone else who wants to know about kefir production.

I began drinking kefir as a result of coming to this forum and learning about its beneficial probiotic properties in treating candida. I am lacdtose intolerant but I do not get any negative reaction to the kefir I make myself at home. I began making kefir with goat’s milk but due to the cost I could not continue buying it so I switched to cow’s milk. I like to use 2% fat free personally, but whole milk is fine as well. I try to buy organic milk or at least antiobiotic and hormone free cow’s milk. You can make kefir with other types of milk such as cocount which I’ve tried but didn’t care for the results. I’ve never tried water kefir.

As with everything I do, I spent HOURS online researching kefir and educating myself. There are many good u-tube videos that helped me. Here is one I like in particular but I’ve probably seen them all. (You can also just google “Kefir production” and see what comes up.

A good website for learning is CULTURES FOR HEALTH. They also sell keifr grains. Kefir grains are what you feed milk to begin the growth of kefir. You can buy freeze dried grains (grains is really not a proper term because kefir grains are not like a grain of rice. A kefir grain is actually a living thing. They look just like cauliflower.) But, you can also obtain grains from someone who is willing to share theirs with you. This is a big thing wih making kefir. After searching for someone I could get grains from, I was directed to this website THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION. If you google that and put in “kefir grains” or “sharing kefir grains” you can come up with people in your local area who will give you some. You can merely put in your zip code and it will bring up a list.

Learning about kefir takes time. It’s a huge subject. I found it fascinating though and well worth the time I spent educating myself. Making your own kefir is also a nuturing act and I would recommend taking the plunge and trying it yourself. The information you find on line will be a big help to you. I would not recommend store bought kefir because the probiotic benefits are fewer then what you get when you make it yourself.

I’d be willing to answer questions if you have any on making kefir. I was very intimidated at first so feel free to ask even the most mundane questions. Goodluck!

P.S. Need to edit what I said about kefir grains being a LIVING thing. Probably put my foot in my mouth. Wrong english. In my mind I attribute the grains as having life because they produce a product – kefir. However I don’t want anyone having concerns about it being “alive” like an organism is. I have no idea about the chemistry or biology of kefir grains. I just know it helps.