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I don’t understand why you got antibiotics when it wasn’t certain they would help. Antibiotics should only be prescribed when it’s certain you’ve got an infection that reacts to antibiotics, or when your situation is so life-threatening that there’s just no time to wait for test results and the doctors have to try just about anything as quickly as they can.

Also, not all antibiotics are effective against all kinds of bacteria. That’s one more reason why you should know the kind of bacteria that are attacking you before you (well, the doctor) can choose the appropriate kind of antibiotics.

Anyway, it’s good that the other parts of your treatment were successful.

As to your lips, there certainly is candida on them, because everyone has candida on their lips (and skin, and mouth, and … well, and so on). Vitamin deficiency could be a problem. Lack of some minerals could also be causing this.

Another possible cause (I cannot judge because I do not know you or your habits) might be the soap or other cleaners (or even wiping towels) you use around your mouth or on your face. For example, if you often use those paper towels you sometimes get in an airplane to wipe your mouth, then lip problems may result. Finally, lip protectors could do more bad than good. The problem is that if you stop using lip protectors (like ointments or sticks or whatever), the lip problems will get worse, so one is tempted to use the lip protectors again. However, the worsening of the problems is only temporary. After about three weeks, your lips will get used to the new situation, and they will remember their natural ability to protect themselves.

I hope this helps. Good luck!