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Able900 wrote: FloraMax is ok for obtaining DDS-1 bacteria, but the mixture contains only two strains, and you’ll eventually need more than just two strains of beneficial bacteria for the treatment. After you’ve taken this for a few weeks, it would benefit your treatment if you can find an additional probiotic containing up to 14 strains if possible. It’ll be fine if the new probiotic doesn’t contain DDS-1 since you could take both at the same time.


Thanks for the reply as always Able…

I can’t find any site’s that ship the good 14 strain probiotics to Australia like Mega Flora etc…

I’ve managed to find a few products/sites that are either Australian based or ship to Australia…

1) ExtraFlora™ 50 Billion CFU Probiotics:

2) Mercola Complete Probiotics:

3) Faulding Probitics:

4) and the one I mentioned in my original post…. Flora Max Pro Synbiotic:

What do you think? Which one, or combination of these would you recommend? The Mercola one looks the best to me, but I’m not sure and would love your educated opinion on them all…

…or alternatively if you yourself can find an online store that ships the 14 strain probiotics to Australia, please let me know! Appreciate it!

raster wrote: Thats a lot of money to spend on two strains so I would consider going to another probiotic that has a minimum of 5 strains. I really like one called HMF neuro if you can find it. Renew life makes an OK probiotic with 14 strains.


Thanks raster… I agree, a lot of money to spend… again, basically same question as Able: do you know of any stores that ship HMF Neuro or Renew Life to Australia? I was keen on getting HMF Neuro a few months ago… but couldn’t find anywhere that ships it all the way down under, so I gave up looking for it.