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My leaky gut was so bad that I once reacted for hours after ganja, almond butter, cigarrettes, all grains, and vinegar. 4 months into the diet, I reacted to sunflower seeds only and didn’t get this before. All I can say is that your body will adjust to the allergies differently; you will get some new allergies while others go away. For me, the diet has completely cured my allergies to the point where I don’t have them at all anymore. During phase 1 of the diet, it was also hard for me to do yardwork because the grasses in the yard contains molds, and most dead/dying plant material contain mold. This has completely gone away for me.

I never had allergies in my whole life, and at age 28 I finally get them when I have candida!

I used to feel the same way about the grains…they didn’t give me a bad reaction really when I had candida, but once I stopped eating them and tried it again, I got a reaction to a food I once didn’t have one to. Sorta strange, but I think its because my body got healthier.

All I can say about the allergies is to trust your body and the signs that it gives you. Being in tune with your body is very important; your body is telling you something when this happens. The reaction means that your body doesn’t like it, but it doesn’t necesarily mean that it’ll set you back ages and ages…maybe just a few hours or a few days.

I don’t know how to solve your diet problems, but a dietician may be able to help. Also naturopathic doctors have ways to help you gain back a footing on your allergies so that you can once have those foods again.

What leaky gut symptoms do you have? How long?